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I believe that good health is the foundation for living a vibrant, happy, and successful life, and that nutrition is not only about the food that we eat, but the way we move, the thoughts we think, and our relationships with others.

While most nutritional practices are obsessed by calories, fat, restrictive foods and exercise, my philosophy provides clients with flexible and ‘easy-to-follow’ steps that does not depend on willpower.

I believe in eating Real Food, in treating the cause of an illness rather than medicating the symptoms, and in the power of our body to heal.

It’s all about bio-individuality; one person’s way of eating doesn’t work for everyone. I will help you find the one that works for YOU. No dieting, though. You will slowly evolve to live a healthy life and eat the right foods with individualized support along the way.

As your nutrition evolves and your biochemistry improves, your attitude towards life will also improve.

At Evolve Your Nutrition Wellness Program you will:

•    Improve Digestion: Digestion is a very important part of your health. Evaluating and understanding food sensitivities, pathogens and all aspects of digestive health will help you achieve mental clarity, more energy, better immune function, and radiant skin.

•    Lose Weight and Boost Immunity: regulate metabolism, and boost your immune system. You won’t worry about weight gain, catching colds, and mood swings again!

•    Cleanse, Detoxify, Reduce Pain/Inflammation, Prevent Cancer:  Learn about functional, low-glycemic and nutrient-dense super foods that will reduce inflammation and prevent disease. Learn easy, do-able, at-home techniques for cleansing so that you can eliminate toxic build up in your system effortlessly, giving you greater mobility and flexibility. Learn the roles of vitamins, minerals and fatty-acids and how they support your body in the healing process. Learn the benefits of using non-toxic, personal hygiene and cleaning products.

•    Break the Sugar Habit: Understand your cravings and feed yourself what you truly hungry for. Create emotional freedom and a better relationship with food and self. Understand exactly which carbohydrates to eat as well as when and how to prepare them for better assimilation of nutrients. You will find ways to transform the sweet foods you love into nutritious foods you will love even more.

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