Why Sugar Ruins Your Health and What You Can Do About It

21 Reasons Why Sugar Ruins Your Health

  • Sugar impacts brain function.
  • Sugar can suppress the immune system.
  • Sugar interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  • Sugar can weaken eyesight.
  • Sugar can cause hypoglycemia.
  • Sugar can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline levels in children.
  • Sugar contributes to obesity and can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • Sugar can cause arthritis.
  • Sugar can cause heart disease and emphysema.
  • Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis.
  • Sugar can increase cholesterol.
  • Sugar can lead or increase the risk of various cancers and metastasis, especially to the lungs.
  • Sugar can contribute to diabetes.
  • Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease.
  • Sugar can make our skin age by changing the structure of collagen.
  • Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides.
  • Sugar can increase the body’s fluid retention.
  • Sugar can cause headaches, including migraines.
  • Sugar can cause depression.
  • Sugar can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • In intensive care units, limiting sugar saves lives.
  • The problem is that added sugars can fall under all sorts of different names on ingredient labels. While it’s currently impossible to tell the percentage of sugar comes from natural or added sources, better labeling is supposed to be around the corner, I really hope so!

    One rule of thumb to find these hidden sugars is that any ingredient ending in “ose” is a type of sugar.

    Don’t be fooled by more natural-sounding names either. Sweeteners like cane juice, beet sugar, fruit juice, rice syrup and molasses are still types of sugar. Check out their place in the ingredients, list, too. The higher up an ingredient is on the list, the more of it is included in a product.

    Other names for added sugar include:

    Anhydrous dextrose
    Brown sugar
    Confectioner’s powdered sugar
    Corn syrup
    Corn syrup solids
    High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
    Invert sugar
    Malt syrup
    Nectars (for example, pear nectar)
    Pancake syrup
    Raw sugar
    White granulated sugar

    Simply dialing back on processed foods and drinks can lower your sugar intake.

    If you do use sugar, use less processed forms, but use them sparingly. Alternatively, I recommend using stevia, monk fruit or yacon syrup for sweetening purposes. Raw honey is also a good option but should be used in small amounts since it raises sugar blood.

    Getting enough high-quality protein, fiber and fermented foods can help you lose your sugar cravings over time. Also, eating a low-carb/starch diet helps people to stop craving sweets.

    For more information on low starch diets please go to: Learn the Benefits of Low-Starch/Carb diets. Or if you are ready to get off sugar PLEASE CLICK HERE TO take my Evolve21 Day Healthy Challenge!

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