Evolve 21-Day Healthy Challenge – Recipe Guide

Now you should already have downloaded your FREE Evolve 21-Day Healthy Challenge Guidelines I’ve posted just before this one. On the bottom of this page you will find delicious recipes and important notes about ingredients and advices that you should follow to the letter.

The advices and recipes can and should be used throughout the trial and after. They are great tools to incorporate for the rest of your life.

The Evolve21 Recipe Guide together with the Evolve21 Healthy Challenge Guidelines contain all the information you need to get started. However, I encourage you to carefully review each document and step even if you’re impatient to begin.

As you’ll hear again, planning and preparation are key during your Evolve21 challenge! That means cleaning out your pantry, stocking your kitchen with all the healthy essentials, and planning some meals.

It’s time to review the specifics of the Evolve21 challenge. What you should be eating and what’s off the table for the next 21 days (or more, if you are on level 1).

The recipes are delicious and can be shared with your family, friends and kids! There is no need to be making different meals for everyone in your house.

At some point during your Evolve21, you’re going to find yourself in a difficult situation. Creating a plan on how you’ll handle those events can make the difference between succeeding at easily or falling for that tempting pizza. So please give that a thought and be prepared!

I have included and will be posting on social media a great deal of information about this challenge because I want to educate you of the whys of this strategy. This way you feel empowered, focused and ready!

Be proud and prepared to tell your friends and family what this challenge is about. They will ask questions! And it’s important that they support you along the way, and who knows, they might want to get on the healthy challenge wagon as well! 🙂

From now on, it’s all about implementing the plans we’ve created. I hope you are feeling empowered and that you will keep making the right choices!

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